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Holy Family Catholic School is identifiably Catholic in our culture and community spirit. Academic attitudes and instructional programs are built on this strong foundation of Christian principles. Our primary goal for our students is the development of the total person through programs which nurture spiritual, intellectual, emotional, social, and physical growth.
Our motto of “Learn, Serve, and Lead” exemplifies three traits our students focus on throughout their education. As future leaders, they must first learn their faith by serving as Jesus did. Furthermore, this motto extends to their academic and fine arts classes, as we encourage our scholars to learn with an open and Christian mind.

Holy Family Catholic School is a community minded school with approximately 150 students in PreK-3 to Grade 8. The classrooms are situated around the library, which is the heart of our school. Besides the homeroom classrooms, there is also a Spanish room, art and music room, science lab and computer lab. The cafeteria, gym and church are connected to the school building, so even during inclement weather, all are accessible. Our band meets in the Parish Education Room.
As a ministry of Holy Family Catholic Church, HFCS is dedicated to exposing young minds to the powerful combinationof spirituality and academics. Our PreK-3 through Grade 8 program is built on a foundation of commitment, creativity, and Catholic values. By engaging students in a curriculum that focuses on essential skills, problem-solving abilities, and spirituality, we reach the minds, bodies and spirits of all of our children.

A graduate of Holy Family Catholic School has been instructed and cultivated into a well-rounded individual with a variety of strengths. The ideal graduate will possess the following attributes.

Person of Faith
The graduate is able to articulate the teachings of the Catholic Fatih, while continuing to put these teachings into practice.
Moral Decision Maker
The graduate considers the moral and ethical implications of decisions and chooses to do what is right according to the teachings of the Church.
Appreciative Person
The graduate will develop an appreciation for the beauty in the world and the wonder of his body through fine arts and physical activity.
Culturally Sensitive
The graduate exhibits global awareness and cultural sensitivity, and supports the Church’s teachings regarding social justice.
Academically/Technologically Proficient
The graduate is academically and technologically prepared for higher education.
Effective Communicator
The graduate dialogues objectively while refining persuasive skills through various modes of expression and seeks to clarify diverse points of view through active listening.
Creative Learner & Problem Solver
The graduate applies creative talents to solve problems and serve others.
Critical Thinker
The graduate uses reason in pursuit of Truth, recognizing that all Truth is rooted in the person of Christ.
Life-Long Learner
The graduate engages in the pursuit of knowledge as a life-long activity.

6146 Pershing Ave. Fort Worth 76107
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