Calvary Christian Academy

calvary christian academy

1401 Oakhurst Scenic Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 7611
(817) 332-3351

Calvary Christian Academy and Preschool is your resource for superior academic, social, and spiritual education for your children, from toddler through grade twelve. All that we do is built upon a solid Christian foundation and a Biblical world view. Please watch the video virtual tour to learn about our facilities and programs.

Located at 1401 Oakhurst Scenic Dr, Calvary Christian Academy is a great option for those parents looking for a private school that pairs together education with faith. Students at Calvary Christian Academy will learn effective skills for their education that will help them in the real world. At the same time they will also learn the importance of having God in their lives through religious education as well.

Calvary Christian Academy offers a wide range of ages. The school has classrooms for children in pre school up to grade twelve. This provides an opportunity for your child to have their complete stay until they are ready for the challenge of college.

Here your student can compete in all major high school sports as well to ensure that they have a well rounded experience. For boys, they can compete in Football, Basketball, Baseball, and Track. For girls, they can compete in Volleyball, Basketball, Softball, Cheerleading, and Track. These sports are offered at both the junior high level as well as the high school level. The only exception being that Track is not offered for girls at the Junior High level (according to the Calvary Academy website).

Be sure to check out their website above to investigate further if this is the correct location for your child. If it is be sure to read all of our resources to be fully prepared. Be sure to check out their admissions tab to find out exactly what is needed.

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